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Expatriate Management

Despite often having their own in-house expatriate management teams, multinationals oftentimes require outside expertise or additional capacity, such as in case of mergers & acquisitions (with their attendant challenges regarding incentive plans, restructuring, separations, etc.).

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International Assignments

Sending staff abroad can be a minefield for small and medium-sized companies, especially considering that such a posting create a 'Permanent Establishment'. We offer an end-to-end service, which ensures an equitable package for the employee and full compliance by the company.

Compensation & Benefits

Attractive, but fair packages, need to be offered to candidates for a foreign posting, especially to 'hardship' countries. nomadIQs is well positioned to assist with this, taking into considering cost of living differences, tax consequences, labour market conditions and other material considerations.

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Expatriate Taxation

Falling foul of the tax authorities is a surefire way of damaging one’s reputation and prospects for further business. Unfortunately, most ‘transgressions’ are honest mistakes; more often than not as a result of rapid expansion. nomadIQs can help you avoid making such mistakes.

Global Mobility

Through global partnerships nomadIQs can take care of the entire process of relocating and settling in (housing, schooling, pets, etc.) your expatriate team members, as well as manage their repatriation after a successful stint abroad - with the latter often involving complex tax issues.

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Immigration Services

Establishing a candidate's ability to meet visa requirements, and especially with regards to relatives and companions, should be established upfront. Specialists at nomadIQs can help, making sure that surprises and disappointments are avoided during the entire process of deployment.

Supplier Management

We can assist with the selection and management of outside service providers (especially when a global footprint is needed for ad-hoc services), including ongoing quality control. We have our own network of companies with proven track records, but can equally manage a tender process.

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Recruiting Services

Over the years we have built a good understanding of which individuals will cut it in overseas postings, either because of their temperament or given their (family) circumstances. From that perspective we can lead - or assist with - the recruitment of candidates for expatriate assignments.

Structuring Advice

Smart structuring - of a package, payroll or entity - at the outset will be beneficial to both the organisation and individuals concerned. The nomadIQs team has successfully helped companies station teams abroad in start-up setting, which later evolved into fully fledged entities.

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