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Client Needs

NomadIQs works with organisations, individuals and service providers alike, and specialises in mergers & acquisitions. Our forte is assisting with the deployment of people into emerging markets.

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Consulting & Interim Management

The focus of our attention is always the individual to be sent abroad, but we realise organisations need to foot the bill and ensure compliance. Hence most of our clients are companies or institutions that need to, or already are, sending teams and individuals to work abroad. Even if they do have HR consultants or (tax) accountants, we can add value through our holistic approach to expatriate management, either directly or in support of the existing service providers. 

NomadIQs can provide assistance on an ad-hoc basis, by way of a retainer or assume the entire (outsourced) responsibility for overseeing the expatriate team. 

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Expert Advice & Second Opinions

Working abroad is exciting. It is also fraught with pitfalls. How can you be sure that you are adequately compensated? Are you and your employer complying with all the laws? And how will an international posting affect your future status in your home country? All questions that you may not be raising now, but we believe you should. At nomadIQs can we help you think through all the consequences, give you a second opinion and take care of all practical matters.

Even if you go on your own, as a freelancer, nomadIQs is indispensable. We can give you cost-effective advice on how to run your affairs in the most compliant manner. 

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Service Providers

Insourcing & Support

At times of increased workload (like in case of a takeover), or when very specific issues need to be addressed, nomadIQs can provide service providers with backup capacity or expertise, either as a visible member of the team or in the background. Equally, nomadIQs may have valuable experience to offer regarding countries that are outside the usual deployment territories. 

Very specifically in situations where clients want an end-to-end, fully outsourced expatriate management service, nomadIQs can assist with the more mundane activities, and leave the higher value-add services to the main contractor.

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Assisting during Mergers & Acquisitions

Special Projects & Interim Management

Mergers & Acquisitions pose a lot of challenges, especially in the case of listed entities. Upon ‘Change of Control’ expatriate management policies typically need amending, the status of individuals can change (such as repatriation, redeployment or separation), but most importantly, there will be a huge workload processing equity transactions (and attendant tax issues) due to accelerated vesting of options and shares. 

NomadIQs has an established track record assisting in such instances, either directly working for the client or supporting the existing service provider. We work for both acquiring and target companies. 

Client Needs: Specialty Area
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