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SMART people on the MOVE


Our practice was born out of the realisation that very few service providers offer a one-stop shop that covers the entire lifecycle of an expatriate’s needs. Some larger organisations have internal teams that manage the HR aspects of expatriate staff, but even they rely on outside companies for special services, like relocation, tax advice, visas, etc. NomadIQs aims to be this one-stop shop, both for organisations and individuals. 


Our focus is the individual that is going abroad - whether deployed by an organisation or going independently (as a contractor or freelancer).  We believe that by taking away all ancillary distractions of an international posting our clientele can be more productive in the end, ultimately benefiting their employers or clients. 


Our experience covers almost 2 decades working in the field of expatriate management, both in consulting and in industry (latterly managing the affairs of around 250 expatriates in one of the world's top-10 FMCG companies).


Enabling the world’s top professionals to work, live and play globally.

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